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Abstract Hyperreality

Vana-Võromaa Art Gallery, Võru, Estonia

May 10 - June 24, 2019

„Abstract Hyperreality“ was a continuation of Katrin Piile's works that were exhibited in Haus Gallery („Kata & Laurentsius. Anatomical Affects“ 2018). The paintings made for Võru's exhibition included unfinished works that created a contrast between the hyper realistically painted parts and the half painted/sketched surfaces.

The exhibition dealt with the problems of truth, painting traditions and the history of painting, while at the same time highlighting technical skills and color composition.
The idea of the exhibition began with a color palette – where abstract compositions are created spontaneously. Adding colors sporadically to the palette can create surprising forms and color compositions as

well as add a different artistic solution to the traditional "conscious" work on canvas. The colors on the palette then have the potential to became „whatever they wish“ through this transformational process.

  Many different forms of this transformation through paintings (that in this form are abstract by definition,) hyperrealistic painting documentations, small room installation, as well as individual objects where displayed in Võru. 

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